EEL Trainee Programme


This trainee exchange programme has a target to permit a resident/trainee to attend all activities of the routine work of the physicians in an endometriosis center  like consultations, clinical examinations, evaluation of results of complementary examinations, observe or take part in surgical or non-invasive procedures, patient follow-up and participation in scientific discussions. The working time begins at 7 am and finishes around 5pm, Monday to Friday. Exceptional activities can extend the working time like surgical procedures. The meals can be done in the Hospital at a reduced fee or free depending on availability.

The candidate should have self-initiative, be independent, mature to solve obstacles alone, disciplined to do affairs without to be controlled, preserve own image with excellent behaviour, able to work in a team and under pressure.


☑️ Requirements

  • Residents/Trainee in Ob-Gyn (age < 35)
  • EEL Membership 
  • Good knowledge in English and/or local spoken language

⚠️ In order to attend an EEL Trainee Programme in the United Kingdom you will need to have a GMC Full Registration


💰 Costs

There is no fee for the EEL Trainee Programme.

The candidates must have their own possibility to cover all travel, accommodation and own further expenses during the Exchange Programme. We do not offer any kind of payment. Most hosts offer meals at reduced fees at the hospitals.

🕓 Duration

2 weeks


✈️ Visa

The candidate should ask the Embassy of the recipient country about the necessity to obtain a Visa and in this case,  we can offer an invitation letter from the recipient institution to the candidate to process the Visa proceedings in his home country. We do not support any travel without a valid passport and without Visa permission. We do not solve legal problems by illegal behavior of the candidate. The candidate should look for information about the local law of the recipient country and strongly follow the law.


✅ Application

  1. Sign-up for the EEL Membership -> here
  2. Log in as an EEL Member -> here
  3. Online registration for the desired EEL Trainee Programm

We will refuse and not consider applications, which are not completed with all required documents. They will be deleted without communication.

📄 Required documents

1. Curriculum vitae

2. Certificate of enrollment in a residency programme.

3. Reference letter

Deadline: these documents should be sent per email in maximum 10 days after the registration on the website. 

🎯 Aims

The Programme has the aim to offer the candidate an experience abroad in a very high distinguished institution and department to obtain a further education in the area of endometriosis by shadowing the endometriosis specialists in the daily routine work.

⚕️Curriculum :

Diagnostics : 

  • history taking/anamnesis (questionnaires)
  • clinical diagnosis (bimanual palpation, rectovaginal examination)
  • Imaging:
    • Ultrasound: Transvaginal ultrasound, kidney ultrasound
    • MRI with Endometriosis Protocol or extended examinations 
      • Indication
  • Hormon status : AMH, FSH, LH, etc
  • Endometriosis Classification - #ENZIAN Ultrasound/MRI Classification


  • Indication and Planning : Medical Treatment / ART / Surgery / Combined

Conservative therapy: 

  • indication
  • medical treatment 

Surgical Therapy

  • indication and surgery planning 
  • presurgical procedures
  • Operating room 
  • Surgical procedures: different techniques, peritoneal, ovarian, adenomyosis, deep endometriosis

Postsurgical Management:

  • #ENZIAN Surgical Classification
  • Management of complications
  • post operative care /post surgical procedures 
  • Medical Prophylaxis 
  • Indication for ART
  • complementary treatment (Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, sports,  TCM, Herbal options)
  • pain management

Participation in the endometriosis praxis

  • understanding of the whole management of the endometriosis cases
  • key points of the medical history
  • Ultrasound examination and how you can display the important anatomic structures of pelvis
  • Briefing about MRI-Findings
  • How to plan the surgery, Consultation presurgically from general surgeon or urologist in case of findings in bowel/sigma or urinary tract

Participation in the operating room

  • participation in the endometriosis surgeries
  • understanding and explanation of the anatomy
  • surgical procedure for adenomyosis, finertility, endometriomas, deep endometriosis, bowel/vaginal/bladder/ureter/diafragmatic endometriosis

Follow up of the patients postsurgical

  • Visit on the station 
  • examination by the exit from hospital
  • postsurgical hormonal treatment
  • Advisory visit in an infertility center

⏩ The diagnostic and surgical approach may vary from center to center.

⏩ The hands-on participation depends on local and national circumstances and cannot be guaranteed.