The European Endometriosis League (EEL) has two main goals. One one hand our aim is to extend public awareness and support scientific research in the field of Endometriosis and other co-existing gynecological conditions, and on the other hand we are dedicated to training and education in diagnosis and therapy of endometriosis. To achieve these goals, we have built a European board of medical experts on Endometriosis and a variety of activities including the EEL Endometriosis MasterClass, EEL Webinars, EEL Cases under discussion and the EEL Trainee Programme for residents. Furthermore, we are conducting scientific meetings, seminars and congresses, research projects, international cooperations and serve as a frame for patient self-support groups. The results of our research projects are published in scientific journals and thus brought to the public’s attention.
Renowned physicians founded the EEL in 2005. So far we are active in several different European countries and are currently extending our activities into additional countries.
The EEL is supported and financed through membership fees, donations and an advisory board of the medical industry.

EEL Board

Hans-Rudolf Tinneberg
Honorary Chair

Harald Krentel
President of EEL
Engin Oral
Past President of the EEL

Stefan P. Renner
Past President & Treasurer

Shaheen Khazali
Caterina Exacoustos
Attila Bokor
Gernot Hudelist

Past Presidents of the European Endometriosis League:

2005-2012 : Hans-Rudolf Tinneberg

2012: Charles Chapron

2014-2018: Stefan Renner

2018-2020: Engin Oral

EEL Young Team