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  1. My name is dr Paul Blaauwhof .I qualified in Leiden,the Netherlands . I work in South Africa as a gynaecologist registered there and in the netherlands .
    Endometriosis and urogynaecology are my main topics of interest .
    For Example :This year , I completed a master of endometriosis degree educational program of Arnaud Wattiez and visited Mario Malzoni in Avellino ,Italy for a week.Before that I visited Horace Roman in Rouen ,France ,; attended the course of mario ceccaroni in Verona,Italy and Shaleish Puntambekar in Puna ,India 3 times ,all serving to improve my laparoscopic skills in dealing with severe infiltrating endometriosis.

    In order to stay up-to-date with modern management of endometriosis ,I hereby apply for membership of the european endometriosis league

    1. Post

      Dear Dr. Blaauwhof,

      You can become an EEL Member following the online registration process on the website. If you need any assistance, please let us know.
      Best regards!

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